About Us

Win Sources Ltd

Win Sources Limited, a private limited company focused on the development, manufacture and marketing of Renewable Energy Products, particularly Bio-Gas Appliances and have also innovated and developed portable Fiber Glass Digester in association with BCSIR is therefore a competent private-entity that is capable of advancing its skills, expertise, resources and unequivocal support to Bangladesh Army to further its objective to contribute in attaining national food and energy security by optimum utilization of physical resources under defense establishments with the assistance of relevant collaborating institutions.

Our Objective

Win Sources Ltd. shall be to take project-based steps to contribute in attaining national food and energy security by optimum utilization of physical resources under defense establishments.

The broad objective shall be attained by adopting effective methodologies to facilitate the establishment of One Cantonment into One Farm.

The strategic objectives shall be to establish uninterrupted supply chain by facilitating production of own food and energy in the cantonments and ensure food security at the time of any disaster and also to ensure visible presence in all property/assets that may be fit for optimum utilization.

Through effective project-based initiatives, create a noteworthy example that would be considered as a model to create multiplier effect and immensely contribute in food and energy security of Bangladesh.

Our Strategy

Win Sources Limited will plan, design and establish independent projects primarily targeting to produce foods and generate energy using its physical resources available in target cantonments thus creating a sustainable supply chain, primarily for defense personnel and adjacent dwellers, that will be an example for reducing dependency on external supplies and creating self-sufficient food chain, particularly for remote locations.

The projects shall be made effective not only by infusion of resources but also by the application of modern agricultural technologies involving techno-managerial skills, methods, mechanization, post-harvest management and efficient supply chain development.

The process of cooperation and collaboration between the parties shall commence through the establishment of at least one pilot project in Rangpur Cantonment that may be extended to other cantonments upon the satisfaction of the parties from project outputs, in which case separate project agreements shall be executed that will govern each of the new projects.

Our Commencement of co-operation and partnership

The parties shall, immediately following the signing of this Memorandum of Understanding, take prompt steps prepare, plan and design a primary Pilot Project and in order to do the same, they shall in joint effort, do the following without any delay:

(i)    Conduct area mapping (digital / contour) of physical resources (land and water bodies) for identifying and quantifying availability.

(ii)   Conduct assessment of existing physical establishments meant for agricultural productions (e.g. dairy etc).

(iii)  Conduct an area opportunity assessment to identify feasible agro-enterprises in target locations with due consideration of the security aspects of the cantonment establishments.

(iv)  Conduct detailed technical, financial and marketing feasibility of identified agro-ventures.

(v)   Conduct detailed feasibility for farm wastes utilization for biogas generation, bio-fertilizer production etc.


After the completion of the preparation and planning phase, the parties shall enter into a Project Agreement entailing the associated project details, so far as it is possible and any future extension of projects and project areas shall follow the same spirit and incorporate the same terms and conditions as that of the Pilot Project unless mutually agreed otherwise by the parties.

Our Operation and Maintenance of projects

Win Sources Limited shall operate and maintain the project in accordance with the terms and conditions of the respective Project Agreement and if required, modify, repair or otherwise make improvements to the Project to comply with the provisions of the agreement that will be entered into by the parties and applicable law of the land and conforms to Good Industry Practice.

Win Sources Limited shall ensure optimal operation and maintenance of the Project, in accordance with the specifications and standards that may be prescribed in respective Project Agreements and also take measures for the protection of the environment so that the Projects are in compliance with Applicable Permits including environmental clearance(s) required under the Environmental Law.

Win Sources Limited shall ensure safe conditions and environment for the residents of the respective cantonments and/or Project Areas while using the land and other resources.

Win Sources Limited shall associate all possible cooperation and logistic supports that may be required for the smooth operation of the projects and shall also prevent any unauthorized use of the project site or any encroachments on the site.

Our Pilot Project at Lalmonirhat

The pilot project that will instigate the materialization of the parties shall be known as GREEN ECONOMY HUB, that shall be an integrated Biogas Project leveraging MFA Dairy Farm’s present infrastructure in Lalmonirhat that shall be monitored by the 66 Division of Bangladesh Army, Rangpur Cantonmment.

The pilot project shall mark the orientation of the cooperation and partnership between the parties and shall develop a pragmatic approach for productive utilization of the unused land and infrastructures alongside other resources under the MGA Lalmonirhat for food production, and resultant wastes for biogas generation and organic fertilizer production.

The tenure of the pilot project shall be 20 (twenty) years upon commissioning after which Win Sources Limited will train MFA Lalmonirhat personnel for its further operation.

Win Sources Limited shall pay the rent of used land and infrastructure of MFA Lalmonirhat that will be used for its project and shall also purchase the cow dung being expelled in the project area from MFA Lalmonirhat at market price that shall be mutually determined and agreed by both the parties.

Win Sources Limited shall supply the required fertilizer for 400 acres of land of MFA Lalmonirhat on priority basis at market price that shall be mutually determined and agreed by both the parties, and Win Sources Limited shall be entitled to sell the surplus fertilizer to open market at a price it may determine from time to time.

The Biogas/Electicity/CNG or any other energy products that may be produced will be sold by Win Sources Limited to MFA Lalmonirhat upon requisition on priority basis at the market price that shall be mutually determined and agreed by both the parties, and Win Sources Limited shall be entitled to sell the surplus product to open market at a price it may determine from time to time.

The parties shall evaluate other associated terms and conditions of the Pilot Project coupled with detailed financial profile of the project and shall embed the same into the Project Agreement that shall be entered into by the parties in the earliest.